GREAT Application Procedure

To apply for a scholarship, the needy student is advised to write a letter or send an email to the Charity Principal Officer, giving full details of education already obtained, new course to study, financial difficulties etc. Letters from parents, relatives, teachers etc are not accepted.

All letters received are replied promptly and those who deserve assistance are sent an approved application forms to apply for a scholarship.

Application Assessment and awarding scholarships

Awards Committee
An Awards Committee is responsible to receive, verify, assess and make decisions on awarding scholarships or grants to poor students. They provide necessary information and relevant documents to support their applications.

The Committee uses an approved criterion to decide upon the award of scholarships to students and grants to schools for books and clothes.

The criterion assesses student’s educational ability, suitability for the proposed course, future employment prospects and the family financial circumstances before the award of a scholarship is made.

Reports from the Verification Team and the Interviewing Panel are taken into consideration.
The award of a scholarship is made direct to the student via the relevant sub – committee. Proper checks and monitoring of the use of award money are carried out.

A scholarship is awarded initially for one year and for the next year or stage of the course, the student applies again by filling a Course Continuation Form. For the continued financial help the student must satisfy the conditions of satisfactory progress report obtaining minimum of 60% marks in examinations and if the financial difficulty still continues

Reaching out to students

Various methods are used to reach out the poor and needy students to make them aware of the charity, application procedure and the necessary requirements to qualify for obtaining

  •     Charity website
  •     News media in India
  •     Leaflet distribution
  •     Liaison with school / college Principals
  •     Personal introductions by students