GREAT Testimonials

What they said about ‘GREAT’.

Lord Tomlinson of Walsall
Peer of the Realm
Chief Patron and Member

It was my privilege in 2005 to join the charity ‘GREAT’ as its Chief Patron and Member. I often visit India and find many families unable to educate their children due to severe poverty and this charity provides the opportunity and chances for children to go school or college. The charity has my full support and I wish ‘GREAT’ Team my very best wishes.

Brian K May B.Sc., M.Sc., M.Ed.
Retired Princpal

I was honoured to become a Patron of this charity and being an educationalist, I know the impact of education on one’s life. This most needed charity to educate the disadvantaged children or young persons in India will help many to break the barriers of poverty and lead a better life. I will always support ‘GREAT’.

Rotarian: David Webb
Ex-Chief Superintendent of Police

As the former Police Commander in Birmingham, I am delighted and honoured to be the Patron Member of ‘GREAT’. I visit India regularly and have witnessed the situation as described in the ‘objectives’ of this charity. ‘GREAT’ has helped scores of youngsters to gain education and has given the opportunity to achieve something in life which would otherwise be denied to them.

Cllr. Mr Virendra Sharma
M.P. [UK Parliament]

I was delighted to know about this educational charity ‘GREAT’ and I was privileged to become its Patron Member. The most significant work of this charity is that it helps poor children or young persons, irrespective of religion, caste or any such distinction. India is an emerging technological power but at the lowest social level, people are still very poor and such a charity will help some children from this category to find opportunity to develop their better future through gaining education. Well done ‘GREAT’.

Dr Atamjit Singh M.A. Ph.D.
Author and well known Playwright & Director
Principal: ASSM College Mukandpur Punjab

I was very pleased to know about the charity ‘GREAT’ helping the poor students in India. Now being its Patron Member, I shall help this Charity Trustees in the verification and scrutinising of the scholarship applications to ensure that the help will go to the most deserving students.

10+2 and B.Sc. Computing

I am so grateful to the Trustees of ‘Guru Ravidass Educational Assistance Trust’ who have helped me to go to college for 10+2 and B.Sc. education. Although I am from a ‘Brahman’ family but my father is a poor rickshaw puller and my mother is not well to work. I shall never forget the help from this charity. I can now see that I will continue my education and have a brighter future.

10+2 and B.Com.

After sudden death of my father, we became very poor and my mother was struggling to pay my college fees. When I read in the newspaper about this charity ‘Guru Ravidass Educational Assistance Trust’ giving help to poor students of any caste, I felt that ‘Waheguru’ had sent me this help on time. Now I am very happy and will continue my education and be something in my life.

B.Sc. Computer Science

I am very glad that I have received financial assistance from Guru Ravidass Educational Assistance Trust to help me to study for my B.Sc. degree course. I belong to a very poor family, my father is retired and his income is only Rs4312 per month and we have no land or other source of income. Now I hope I will study and complete my education and will get a job to break the poverty bond.