GREAT History and Philosophy

There is still a large proportion of the population in India where children and young people find education a dream and because of severe poverty, they fall into the cruel state of child or forced labour to help parents to earn living. Education is still a privilege of the few and many poor children are systematically prohibited from any kind of education with rich and powerful keeping them illiterate and as their servants..

The poor students with no chance to go to school are given the first priority and for others, who manage to complete school education but cannot afford to go to a college or university; scholarship awards are given to pay for their fees and other essential course expenses.

This Charity bears the name of Guru Ravidass Ji, a prominent Saint and Guru of the fifteenth century India, who played a leading role in the ‘Bhakti Movement’, a socio-religious programme to reform society indulged in oppressive religious practices such as caste discrimination. Guru Ravidass Ji preached justice, equality, self – respect and social freedom and fought relentlessly against the unjust and cruel systems such as caste system imposed by man on man purely for selfish ends. However, with the teachings of Guru Ravidass Ji, people were awakened to their basic human rights and to challenge those in power of their age old traditions and orthodoxy, particularly in relation to the man made caste system. His philosophy and teachings inspire us to work hard to gain dignity and status in life. Through education, one can obtain this and we firmly believe that this Charity will succeed in helping some of those who are deprived educational opportunities due to financial difficulties.