GREAT Future Projects

The trustees of the charity have decided to help more poor students in other states of India. Bihar and Andhra Pradesh are commonly known to have severe poverty. We have now selected two projects (Hyderabad and Patna) where 10 students have been awarded charity scholarships (Rs 35000 per child per year).

Our Future Projects

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In Hyderabad we met the poor ‘Mochi’ communities in Ramachandrapuram and old Hyderabad areas. More than 50% of their children cannot attend school because of poverty and therefore end up doing forced child labour to support the families. The Charity Trustees have decided to help as many children as possible from these communities.

More details coming soon.

In Bihar we visited a boarding school set up by Mr J K Sinha, a retired government official, to educate children from the ‘poorest of the poor’ families of the ‘Mushar Community’. This community is still regarded as ‘untouchables’ and are forced to live away from main population in the worst conditions and they try to live by eating anything including ‘rats’.

More details coming soon.