GREAT Membership

Charity Membership is open to all interested individuals over 18 or organisations, subject to approval by the Trustees. Any organisation, upon becoming a member of this Charity, shall be represented only by one authorised member of that organisation.

Interested individuals or organisations must contact the Principal Officer [Charity Secretary] to obtain an application form to apply for the Membership.

The Trustees may refuse an application for Membership if, acting reasonably and properly, they consider it to be in the best interests of the Charity to refuse the application

Membership will not be transferable to anyone else.

A Member and the affiliated organisation will pay the annual membership subscription fees as due on the date of joining and thereafter every year on the renewal date. The membership subscription fees will be decided by the Trustees and may change from time to time. Details of the subscription fees and the rules for the membership will be supplied with the application form.

All registered members and authorised representatives of organisations will attend the annual general meetings or special meetings as organised by the Charity and exercise their right to vote on resolutions [if any]

All registered members will take an active participation in the Charity’s activities to assist achieving its objectives.

please write to:
Dr Charan Bunger
Principal Officer
Guru Ravidass Educational Assistance Trust
8 St Davids Grove
B20 1BT
or send email:

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